Other Analyses

In additon to our extensive range of in-house petrographical and fluid inclusion analysis services, we also make extensive use of a range of other analytical approaches, including:

  • X-ray Diffraction – both whole rock and clay fraction analyses.  We make extensive use of X-ray diffraction data, particualrly when interpreting details of clay mineralogy.
  • QEMSCAN / Automated Mineralogy – we particularly use this technology to acquire mineralogical data from cuttings samples, where bulk analyses only provide average / mixed data for the range of lithologies that might be included in an individual sample.  QEMSCAN, cooupled with other more traditional petography anlyses, and selective scanning electron microscope-based pore image analysis , provides a powerful tool for extracting reservoir quality information from cuttings samples.
  • Stable Isotope Analyses – predominantly utilised by us, in adding detail to diagenetic studies.  This is often carried out in conjunction with fluid inclusion analyses (to provide temperature constraints) and/ or cathodoluminesence imaging (to guide analyses).
Cathodoluminesence Photomicrograph
Optical cathodoluminesence image of vein calcite, showing multiple generations of calcite with different luminescence characteristics. This particular image has been used as the basis to target oxygen and carbon stable isotope analysis of the different calcite generations (the blue ovals are individual stable isotope analysis points)

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