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Links to online versions of these publications are given where available (note: you will usually need a valid subscription to the relevant journal to view complete articles, although abstracts are typically available free).  Pdf s and/or paper reprints of some of these publications are available on request

WELLS, M., HIRST, P., BOUCH, J., WHEAR, E. and CLARK, N. 2015 Deciphering multiple controls on reservoir quality and inhibition of quartz cement in a complex reservoir: Ordovician glacial sandstones, Illizi Basin, Algeria. In ARMITAGE, P. J., BUTCHER, A. R., CHURCHILL, J. M., CSOMA, A. E., HOLLIS, C., LANDER, R. H., OMMA, J. E. and WORDEN, R. H. (eds) Reservoir Quality of Clastic and Carbonate Rocks: Analysis, Modelling and Prediction. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, v.435, p.343-372.

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