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Independant specialists in the petrography and reservoir quality analysis and interpretation of rocks and sediments.

Over 40 years combined experience of oil and gas fields and prospects worldwide.

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SEM Image showing fibrous illite in pores, draped over quartz

Our Expertise

Icon Representing Sediment

Sediment Characterisation

Grain Size, Sorting, Particle Size Analysis
Sedimentary Fabrics
Detrital Mineralogies

Icon Showing Various Cements in a Sandstone


Paragenesis / Cement Stratigraphy
Clay Minerals Evolution
Compaction Analysis, Diagenetic Models
Integration with Sedimentary Facies

Icon Illustrating A Sandstone Pore System

Reservoir Quality

Pore Systems Characterised and Quantified
Pore Origins, Shapes, Sizes and Connectivity
Controls on Porosity and Permeability
Reservoir Quality Prediction and Modelling


Textural, Mineralogical and Coating Analyses
Quantitative and Descriptive Analyses
Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy
Cathodoluminescence, Epifluorescence
Compaction Analysis
Pore Image Analysis

Icon showing Fluid Inclusions

Fluid Inclusions

Diagenetic and Mineral Deposit Studies
Temperatures and Modelled Salinities
Hydrocarbon API Estimation
Integration with Burial and Thermal Histories

Icon Symbolising Deep Zoom Imaging

Deep Zoom Imaging

Gigapixel Microscope Imaging
Digital Thin-Sections
Various Imaging Modes Available

Icon symbolising SEM analysis

Other Analyses

X-Ray Diffraction
QEMSCAN / Automated Mineralogy
Stable Isotope Analyses

Icon symbolising project workflow

Integrated Projects and Reports

Projects Tailored to Specific Aims
Can be as Broad or as Focused as Required
Core, Sidewall Core, Cuttings, Outcrop Samples

Icon Symbolising Knowledge Transfer


Fluid Inclusion Principles and Practice
Petrography and Reservoir Quality Analysis

Our Global Experience

Map showing Pore Scale Solutions Global Experience
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Thanks again for sending through the memo on the samples. A very interesting read and we are pleased with what is an excellent piece of work.
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Oil and Gas
...this is the first time I’ve seen a petrography report which is so comprehensive and so well written. I now understand xxxxx’s reasons for insisting we use your services, and I will definitely do so again.
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Independant Reservoir
Geology Consultant
I have enjoyed reading the last chapter, it is all good stuff. I like the thorough discussion.
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International Oil
and Gas Major

Our Staff

Emma Whear M.Sc.

Emma founded Pore Scale Solutions in 2000.  Emma is a reservoir geologist with over 30 years industry experience.  She specialises in reservoir quality evaluation and prediction, integrating petrography, diagenetic modelling, geochemistry and pore system analysis, with sedimentological, petrophysical and special core analysis data.  Emma is also an expert clay mineralogist.   More Information on Emma

Jon Bouch Ph.D.

Jon has been with Pore Scale Solutions since 2007.  He is an experienced mineralogist and petrologist with wide-ranging experience applying petrographical and fluid inclusion analyses and interpretations to reservoir geology studies, mineral deposit geology studies, palaeohydro-geological studies and mudrock evaluation.   More Information on Jon

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