Founder and Director of Pore Scale Solutions (since 2000)

tile13Emma is a highly experienced reservoir geologist, specialising in reservoir quality evaluation and prediction by integration of petrography, diagenetic modelling, geochemistry and pore system analysis, with sedimentological, petrophysical and special core analysis data.

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Petrographical and reservoir quality experience includes
  • Jurassic Coal Measures, Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia
  • Shallow marine boreholes (various locations off French Coast)
  • Cook Formation, Jordbaer Field
  • Miqrat, Barik and Amin, Khazzan Makarem Fields, Oman
  • Mirador and Barco Formations of the Cupiagua Field, Colombia
  • Pereriv and Balakhany Formations, Gunashli-Chirag-Azeri and Shah Deniz Fields, South Caspian Sea
  • Ivishak Formation of the Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska
  • Parfenofsky Formation of the Kovyktinskoye Field, Eastern Siberia
  • Burgan and Zubair Formations of the Raudhatain and Sabiriyah Fields, Kuwait
  • Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian and Carboniferous intervals of Algeria and Tunisia
  • Oligocene intervals of Angola
  • Cladhan Sandstone, Cladhan Field
  • Scapa Sandstone, Highlander Field
  • Miocene sandstones, offshore Vietnam
  • Middle Jurassic intervals, Danish North Sea
  • Rotliegend and Carboniferous intervals of many Fields from the Southern Gas Basin, including Anglia, York, Carrack, Ravenspurn and Beryl
  • Forties Formation, CNS
  • Palaeocene intervals of the Bittern Field
  • Palaeocene and Eocene intervals of many West of Shetland Fields and Prospects, including Foinaven, Schiehallion and the Faeroes Basin
  • Devonian and Cretaceous intervals, Clair Field
  • Triassic of the Tern Field
  • Corrib Field, Slyn Trough, Republic of Ireland.
  • Zechstein of the Forth Approaches
  • Andrew Formation, Andrew Field
  • Mesozoic sequences from the Highlander, Claymore, Scapa and Piper regions.
  • Brae sequence of the 16/12A area
  • Palaeocene interval of the Mungo Field
  • Brent Group, Penguin Field
  • Cretaceous of the Ombena Field, Gabon.
Sedimentological experience includes
  • Zubair Formation of the Raudhatain and Sabiriyah Fields, Kuwait
  • Lower Cretaceous of the Victory Field, West of Shetlands
  • Ivishak Formation of the Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska
  • Jurassic strata of the Bruce Field, North Sea
  • Parfenofsky Formation of the Kovyktinskoye Field, Eastern Siberia
Professional experience and education

Oct 90 – July 00
Reservoir Geologist at Badley Ashton and Associates Limited
Clastic petrographical consultant and manager of the “paralic geological team”. Primarily focussed on petrographical and reservoir quality evaluation and prediction projects for the oil industry. Also specialised in clay mineralogy and X-ray diffraction analysis.
Oct 89 – Sept 90
M.Sc. (Distinction): Industrial Mineralogy, University of Leicester
B.Sc. (1st class Hons): Geology, University of Hull


Sandstone petrography and reservoir quality specialists